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Shenzhen CADRO Hydraulic Equipment Co. Ltd.Is the first to carry out a special vehicle sets of hydraulic systems integration technology promotion and application of the company. Since its establishment in 1995, the company adhere to the belief that a positive innovation, has developed into a solutions provider to the largest and most extensive coverage of special vehicle set is provided with a hydraulic system, products and technology solutions.

Kaizhuoli company actively through the re combination of various resources, completed the transfer of industrial upgrading. Market development, technology research and development and manufacturing capacity has been greatly enhanced, the formation of a strong core competitive advantage. In China, the establishment of a subsidiary company, office as the core, agents, service stations, organic combination, covering the country's market service network. To close to the needs of the service to win widespread praise. Companies to actively expand overseas markets, partners throughout the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, Oceania and the Middle East and Africa and other regions.

Company took the lead in the in the country established "special vehicle equipment and technology research and development center", firm "followed by the world, leading, technology based, innovation and development" 16 words guiding principle, gathered a large number of domestic and foreign professional and technical personnel, using the international advanced technology and products, domestic and foreign relevant industry associations, universities and Research Institute, and closely, application machine, electrical and hydraulic integration, and intelligence control technology, in view of the characteristics of the domestic market, independent research and development all kinds of special sets of car is provided with a hydraulic system. After years of unremitting efforts, the harvest is striking. The company has completely independent intellectual property rights and a large number of national patents, and organized a number of industry standards. Its achievements and influence in the research and development of special vehicles, logistics and special equipment and technology has always been in the leading position in china.

The company is located in Jianhu County, Yancheng City province covers an area of 260000 square meters of the northern Jiangsu manufacturing base has been fully put into operation. The use of international advanced manufacturing technology, advanced manufacturing, testing equipment, covering key parts manufacturing, spraying, assembly testing. Its production scale and supporting capacity in home and abroad are second to none. In Shenzhen, the company has established a special technology experiment center, equipped with advanced R & D and testing equipment, to undertake new technologies, new processes, new materials research, application, testing and inspection.

Cadro company always with "professional" for the development of the concept, with "good faith" guidelines for action, to "innovation" as the standard. Stick to the common goal of "and bring together" and "the social responsibility of mutual aid and integration". Our efforts will certainly be able to help you move towards higher goals and create a better future.